Roller Coaster Days

It seems that the closer the time gets to leave.

The more real leaving becomes and the more I struggle.

It’s crazy really, I mean this is my dream.

So why the drama?

Today, we went through boxes in the attic.

Seeking to determine what to keep and what to sale.

We laughed our way through some boxes and cried through others.

It seems I’m a mixture of emotions.

Excited, Scared.  Anxious to go and longing to stay.

This morning I woke up and thought really God…. really, we are really going to do this?

We are really going to move our family to a third world country on purpose??

Are we crazy?

Then my husband told me of the great ticket prices he found and I bawled my eyes out.

Yea, this missionary girl has issues.

But don’t we all?

A desire to serve the Lord and a desire to please self.

A want to honor God and a want to live in this world.

Nothing about following Jesus is easy.

Most of us spend  the majority of our lives trying to do both.

To live in both worlds so to speak.

When this is impossible.

This is a roller coaster ride of up and down.

And all the while God is there waiting for us to realize He is enough.

Waiting for us to surrender to Him and enjoy the Great Adventure He has called us to.

What has God called you to?

I encourage you to say yes to God.

“Saying yes to God doesn’t mean that I’m not afraid, it just means I’m obedient.” -Kristen Welch

  roller coaster

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