Why we can’t but God can……

“I begged your disciples, but they could not.” Luke 9:40

I can’t do this. Why is this so hard. What am I doing wrong? Where are you God?

Sound familiar?

Many days it seems I fall into this trap.

I seek to minister and serve others, yet am more dependent upon myself than on the Lord.

How often I attempt things for the Lord, and fail because I have failed to believe and failed to pray.

I’ve strived in my own strength and the results show it.

As I read the story of the disciples who could not cast out the demon, the Lord did a work on my heart.

Jesus has been up on the mountain with Peter, James and John.

The Bible doesn’t tell us why the other disciples didn’t go. We don’t know if they weren’t invited or if they chose to say behind.

I think they could have gone but didn’t.

It could be they were too busy, or that they thought they could handle the ministry on their own.

But regardless they remained.

A man comes along with his demon possessed son.

He begs the disciples to cast out the demon, but no matter how hard they tried, they could not.

When Jesus arrives on the scene, the man is desperate for Jesus help.

Jesus rebukes the spirit and restores the boy in seconds.

The disciples stand open-mouthed, wondering what they had done wrong.

Why didn’t it work when they did it?

They had laid hands on the boy, and called on the Lord.

What was the problem.

Jesus lets them know that “this kind only comes out by prayer.” Luke 9:43

Ouch!! I’m sure the disciples second guesses their choice to say behind and not pray.

As I read this, I too had to say ouch.

Because it is so easy to work and strive doing good, but apart from the Lord.

So easy to be like Martha, serving and working and leave Jesus out of the mix.

As we prepare to go overseas, there is much to be done.

Some days it is overwhelming and I don’t see how.

I make my list and check them twice.

I do, do , do…..

And the Lord is there waiting.

Waiting for me to realize that “seeking Him first,” and “sitting at His feet” is where the power is.

He’s there calling me to just rest in Him.

To trust in Him to bring everything together.

Yes, a resounding Ouch!!

Power comes through prayer.

May we be less consumed with doing and more consumed with laying our needs at the cross.

Exhale and breath because He has got this!

women praying

2 thoughts on “Why we can’t but God can……

  1. Renee

    This really hit home with me, Mandy. When you go thru something traumatic, that also has a tendency to “distract” and throw you off course. Well, me anyway. But this has given me a gentle nudge to get back on track. Thank you for sharing.

    1. So glad it helped. I always write about what God is teaching me. When I read this story the other day, He gave me a nudge and said, “stop trying and depending on yourself. Pray and seek Me.”

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