Funny Clothes and Languages

IMG_0926[1]I remember sitting in the pew as a child when I met my first missionary.

I was amazed at the funny way she dressed and how she spoke a different language.

As she showed pictures of Argentina, I sat mesmerized.

How exciting it seemed to live in a distant land.

Life carried on as normal, but I never forgot that day.

Fast forward to the present time and I’m now the one going to speak in churches.

I’m sure the people think I dress funny, in my Nepali clothes.

That I sound funny when I greet them by saying, “Jamisee.”

But, I’m sure there are some who are fascinated and maybe too dream of living in a distant land.

It has been a long time since I sat in that service, but God took that service and planted a dream.

A dream to one day be a missionary, traveling the world to tell others of Jesus.

As our family now speaks and shares with countless people, I pray that He will use this to plant this desire in  the hearts of others as well.

That He will call others to go, others to give and others to send.

For what the world needs now, is Jesus.


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