Joy in the Journey

IMG_0894[1]I sat watching my two oldest today playing in the pool.

And though they are still boys at heart, they are growing older and aren’t so little anymore.

They are two young men seeking to find their place, to see how they fit in the puzzle of life.

Here I sit, watching and I realize though older, I’m much the same.

Still seeking to find my purpose, my place.

My guess is that if honest, we are all still a part of this.

John Piper says, “God is most glorified in us,  when we are most satisfied in Him.”

We were created to know and enjoy God.

And yet so much of our life is spent spinning.

Trying to find happiness, purpose.

We try this, we try that and are often left empty.

And though I’m constantly telling my kids not to worry about what others think.

That it only matters what God thinks.

I find myself caring a little too much even now of what others think of my noisy, rambunctious kids.

And all the while, God is there.

Waiting, waiting for us to realize that this life is not about chasing stuff.

Stuff won’t satisfy us.

Waiting for us to realize it really only matters what He thinks, and that our greatest joy comes from pleasing Him.

I meet people all the time who seem weary of life.

People who are wondering, if this is it.

And I want to tell them, there is more.

More peace, more joy, more satisfaction just waiting.

Waiting for them.

Found in knowing Jesus.

Found in serving Jesus.

And I want my boys to grasp with all that is in them, that this life is so much more than finding their place.

It is so much more than pleasing and impressing others.

I want them to know that this life is all about Christ.

Loving Him, Serving Him.

That their greatest joy and satisfaction can not be bought.

Their  greatest joy and satisfaction comes only through knowing and serving the One who created them.




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