Only Believe

only believeHis daughter is sick. He must get Jesus.

Jarius rushes from his house, in need of help.

He needs Jesus to come right then because things look bad.

Jesus agrees to come.

But, as they travel, the crowds are thick and they keep having to stop.

When will we ever get there, Jarius wonders.

Then out of no where a women touches the hem of Jesus robe.

Suddenly Jesus stops, knowing power has come from his body.

He wants to know who touched Him.

Shyly a women comes forward and Jesus praises her for her faith.

Excited, Jarius tries to hurry Jesus along.

He has seen a miracle and knows fully well that Jesus can heal his daughter.

But then the news comes, it’s too late they say. His daughter is dead.

Then Jesus says, “Don’t be afraid, only believe.”

Some days, it all feels impossible. Some days it doesn’t seem to matter how fast we hurry to do something. Obstacles loom in a hundred directions.

As I read this today, I was reminded that all the while, Jesus is there saying

“Don’t be afraid, only believe!!”

Then I must humbly ask for His forgiveness. Forgiveness for fear and doubts. For allowing stress and anxiety to rule in my heart. Forgiveness for giving into fear and failing to believe.

“Don’t be afraid, only believe.” It sounds so easy, and yet some days it is so hard.

Yet, faith is just that. The ability to believe despite how it looks!

What impossibilities loom over you today, I encourage you as the Lord has encouraged me to

Fear not, just believe!!!


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