How close do we want to be???

We are all guilty I’m sure of pushing the snooze button. Thinking somehow that 10 more song of songsminutes will make us feel more awake. We are all guilty of spending more time on things we want to do, than in God’s Word. We are all guilty right, or is it just me?

I began reading in Song of Solomon today and came upon the verse, “Arise, come, my darling; my beautiful one, come with me.”

Again if we are all honest, this is a hard book to read and harder still to understand. Yet, from what study I have done, King Solomon could have had anyone, he was King, wiser than all men. He could have chosen the most beautiful of all women, yet he chose the Shulamite woman. In chapter one, we find she was dark-skinned, because she had been forced to work outside in the sun. Yet, still the Kings was enthralled with her beauty. He wanted her.

In the above verse, he invites her to come away with him.

As I read this today, I was reminded that daily the Lord, the King of Kings, invites me to come away with Him. To spend time alone with Him. He desires a personal relationship with someone as lowly as me. He sent His son Jesus to die so that I could be forgiven and have such sweet fellowship.

As I thought on this, my heart was saddened for all the times, I make excuse for not spending time dwelling in His presence. For all the times, I’d rather do something else than draw close to Him.  For the numerous times I am just lazy.

The Lord invites us daily to come away with Him.  And the truth of the matter is we can be as close to the Lord as we choose to be.

So how close do we want to be?

This is the question we have to answer and if we want to be closer than we are right now.

It will require work, it will require discipline, It will require change.

But, isn’t He worth it?

Let us then draw near to Him, seeking Him as a precious jewel. He, whose worth far outweighs all that this world has to offer.

how much you want God

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