Joy in the Journey

IMG_0894[1]I sat watching my two oldest today playing in the pool.

And though they are still boys at heart, they are growing older and aren’t so little anymore.

They are two young men seeking to find their place, to see how they fit in the puzzle of life.

Here I sit, watching and I realize though older, I’m much the same.

Still seeking to find my purpose, my place.

My guess is that if honest, we are all still a part of this.

John Piper says, “God is most glorified in us,  when we are most satisfied in Him.”

We were created to know and enjoy God.

And yet so much of our life is spent spinning.

Trying to find happiness, purpose.

We try this, we try that and are often left empty.

And though I’m constantly telling my kids not to worry about what others think.

That it only matters what God thinks.

I find myself caring a little too much even now of what others think of my noisy, rambunctious kids.

And all the while, God is there.

Waiting, waiting for us to realize that this life is not about chasing stuff.

Stuff won’t satisfy us.

Waiting for us to realize it really only matters what He thinks, and that our greatest joy comes from pleasing Him.

I meet people all the time who seem weary of life.

People who are wondering, if this is it.

And I want to tell them, there is more.

More peace, more joy, more satisfaction just waiting.

Waiting for them.

Found in knowing Jesus.

Found in serving Jesus.

And I want my boys to grasp with all that is in them, that this life is so much more than finding their place.

It is so much more than pleasing and impressing others.

I want them to know that this life is all about Christ.

Loving Him, Serving Him.

That their greatest joy and satisfaction can not be bought.

Their  greatest joy and satisfaction comes only through knowing and serving the One who created them.



Only Believe

only believeHis daughter is sick. He must get Jesus.

Jarius rushes from his house, in need of help.

He needs Jesus to come right then because things look bad.

Jesus agrees to come.

But, as they travel, the crowds are thick and they keep having to stop.

When will we ever get there, Jarius wonders.

Then out of no where a women touches the hem of Jesus robe.

Suddenly Jesus stops, knowing power has come from his body.

He wants to know who touched Him.

Shyly a women comes forward and Jesus praises her for her faith.

Excited, Jarius tries to hurry Jesus along.

He has seen a miracle and knows fully well that Jesus can heal his daughter.

But then the news comes, it’s too late they say. His daughter is dead.

Then Jesus says, “Don’t be afraid, only believe.”

Some days, it all feels impossible. Some days it doesn’t seem to matter how fast we hurry to do something. Obstacles loom in a hundred directions.

As I read this today, I was reminded that all the while, Jesus is there saying

“Don’t be afraid, only believe!!”

Then I must humbly ask for His forgiveness. Forgiveness for fear and doubts. For allowing stress and anxiety to rule in my heart. Forgiveness for giving into fear and failing to believe.

“Don’t be afraid, only believe.” It sounds so easy, and yet some days it is so hard.

Yet, faith is just that. The ability to believe despite how it looks!

What impossibilities loom over you today, I encourage you as the Lord has encouraged me to

Fear not, just believe!!!


How close do we want to be???

We are all guilty I’m sure of pushing the snooze button. Thinking somehow that 10 more song of songsminutes will make us feel more awake. We are all guilty of spending more time on things we want to do, than in God’s Word. We are all guilty right, or is it just me?

I began reading in Song of Solomon today and came upon the verse, “Arise, come, my darling; my beautiful one, come with me.”

Again if we are all honest, this is a hard book to read and harder still to understand. Yet, from what study I have done, King Solomon could have had anyone, he was King, wiser than all men. He could have chosen the most beautiful of all women, yet he chose the Shulamite woman. In chapter one, we find she was dark-skinned, because she had been forced to work outside in the sun. Yet, still the Kings was enthralled with her beauty. He wanted her.

In the above verse, he invites her to come away with him.

As I read this today, I was reminded that daily the Lord, the King of Kings, invites me to come away with Him. To spend time alone with Him. He desires a personal relationship with someone as lowly as me. He sent His son Jesus to die so that I could be forgiven and have such sweet fellowship.

As I thought on this, my heart was saddened for all the times, I make excuse for not spending time dwelling in His presence. For all the times, I’d rather do something else than draw close to Him.  For the numerous times I am just lazy.

The Lord invites us daily to come away with Him.  And the truth of the matter is we can be as close to the Lord as we choose to be.

So how close do we want to be?

This is the question we have to answer and if we want to be closer than we are right now.

It will require work, it will require discipline, It will require change.

But, isn’t He worth it?

Let us then draw near to Him, seeking Him as a precious jewel. He, whose worth far outweighs all that this world has to offer.

how much you want God

It’s Time For Us To Do Something

There is a great song written by Mathew West, entitled, “It’s time for us to do something.” The lyrics are amazing and so true.

I believe there are two types of people in this world. There is the one who talks a lot about the things that need to be done. This person has a big heart and recognizes the needs worldwide and is always quick to offer his/her advice.

Then there is the one who is tired of talking about it and is ready to do something.

I believe we are living in the midst of a new generation, the Esther Generation. Among young people who are tired of hearing the talk and are ready to get their hands dirty and impact the world. It’s an exciting time.

As I listen and hear of the millions around the world who have never heard of Jesus. As I see the poverty and the trafficking that takes place daily. Watching as millions are living with no hope. I’m done talking about it, I’m ready to do something.

Not that I can solve the worlds problems on my own. But that is just it. The enemy has sold people the lie that because they can’t save the world, they can’t do anything. This is a lie from Hell. Because if all of us, just did SOMETHING and helped SOMEONE. Eventually, more and more people’s needs would be met.

Something is better than nothing. It’s time for us all to say like Esther said, “What if for such a time as this, I was created.”

God has created us to love Him, to glorify Him and to serve Him. This life is passing us by so fast and will be over in no time. Let’s stop talking and start doing. Jesus has called us to be the salt of the earth, the light of the world.

“I have learned that I will not change the world. Jesus will do that. I can, however, change the world for one person. So I keep stopping and loving one person at a time. Because this is my call as a Christian.” Katie Davis


When Your Strength Is Gone….

God's strengthI’ve been reminded lately of a song by Steven Curtis Chapman. The song says, “His strength is perfect, when our strength is gone, He’ll carry us, when we can’t carry on.”

I’ve also experienced this in my own life. The other day a friend and I joined together to fast and pray for the day.  As I fasted and was met with the occasional hunger pain, I was reminded that the Lord is my strength. I was reminded that He is my source of everything good. I was reminded that He is enough.

There are some days when the business of life and what God has called our family to do seems overwhelming. Days when I find it hard to breathe. When the stress is over the top.

But it is also on these days that I’m reminded that my God is bigger than all of this. One of my favorite verses says, “When I am overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.”

Life can be overwhelming at times, but God is greater.

Problems can seem bigger than life, but God is bigger.

The Lord is teaching me to pray. To pray for His favor with God and man. To pray that the Lord would grant us success on every side. To pray that just as He was with David, He would be with us.

As I pray these things and more, I realize that this life is so much bigger than me. I begin to comprehend that God is up to something so much more.

And as I lean into Him and rely upon Him, though I may think I can’t do it, I can. Because when my strength is gone, His is sufficient.

The Lord doesn’t need my strength. He doesn’t need for me to be strong. In fact, He’d rather I be weak. For when I am weak, then He is strong.