Come and See….

thP0KBDOXP“Come look, come look,” my children cried. They wanted me to see the trophies they had won at Bible Drills. We were all proud of their accomplishment and hard work.

As I thought on this the Lord reminded me that this too is our mission as His disciples.

As I was reading in John 1 the other day, I ran across this same phrase.  When Andrew met Jesus, he went and got his brother Peter. When Phillip met Jesus, he told Nathaniel to ,“come and see,” Jesus, the messiah.

In both instances, these guys are excited. They have found the long-awaited Messiah and they want those closest to them to “come and see.”

As I sat in church Sunday and heard the message about the crucifixion, I had to check myself. See, it is easy when you have heard the story of Jesus time and time again, to take it for granted or feel apathetic.

When in fact we should be like Andrew and Phillip going excitedly to others, telling them to come and see Jesus, the Savior of the World.

Living in the Bible belt, it is easy to be “religious.” But, being religious doesn’t make you saved. It is easy to pretend, but on that day, we won’t be able to pretend to Jesus.

What matters not is who you say Jesus is, what matter is who He says you are.

Easter is a wonderful time of year to remember the cross and the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. But, may we not just go through the motions, while stifling yawns. May we truly remember the cost of Calvary and how Jesus took our sins and how they were nailed to the cross. May we recognize the resurrection power that is at work in us daily as believers. Let’s not forget that because of Calvary, we who know Jesus, are holy, blameless, righteous and adopted children of God.

Let us be like Andrew and Philip, excited about the work of Christ, going and telling everyone we know to Come and See this Jesus, the Savior of the World.


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