Camping Adventures

th (5)This past week we had Spring Break.

So of course it was not warm but instead cold.

Nevertheless, we decided to take the kids camping (in a RV) for a few days.

The boys had big plans of fishing, riding bikes and sitting around the campfire.

We did all of these things, but due to circumstances, things didn’t always turn out right.

Fishing was a flop because of the strong winds.

Riding bikes was even chilly.

But to top it all off, the evening before going home, we decided to grill chicken.

For some reason, the rack kept falling into the coals, thus our chicken fell repeatedly in the coals.

Due to the smoke in my husbands eyes, he took his glasses off, thinking he put them in the chair. I went to get them, but couldn’t see them. Not finding them until I heard that awful crunch sound alerting me to the fact I had just stepped on them. (big sigh)

Taking the mangled glasses inside, I looked outside only moments later to see the camp chair had been blown by the wind into the fire.

Running outside, I grabbed the chair, put out the fire and was ready to call it a day!!!!

Looking back now and retelling the events seem comical.
Yet, at the time, they were anything but.

Later that night, the Lord reminded us of our wrong expectations.

We had envisioned the camping trip one way and when all went wrong, it seemed our campout was ruined.

Isn’t that just like life.

We all have expectations of how things should be.

We aim for these things and when they fall through we are left feeling undone.

I’m learning that unless my focus and my expectations are on the Lord, I will be disappointed.

I will be defeated and ready to quit.

Instead God wants us to see things through His eyes.

He wants us to let go of what we think and what we want, and just trust Him.

Did our campout meet our expectations? Not by a long shot.

Did we still have fun and make memories that will last? Oh yea.

I’ve always heard, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

I’m learning that God is always about something more than what we see.

He’s always seeking to teach us, test us and train us in our walks with Him.

But if we’d take off our rose-colored glasses and look at situations and life through His eyes.

I believe we’d be amazed and our vision and expectations would change.

For we’d see what He’s about and realize nothing happens by chance.

And all is ordained by the loving hands of our Heavenly Father.

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