When God Says No…. The Bigger Picture

thADKWYRVZHave you ever wanted something really bad?

I mean you were willing to do anything to get what you wanted.

You prayed and prayed, begging God to hear and answer your prayer.

Then you were met with a no?

If we aren’t careful in such times we can become angry, bitter and essentially walk away from the Lord.

I began reading the biography of Nate Saint last night. (I love missionary biographies) Of course I know the story and even how it ends. I’ve seen the movie and the story of these missionaries is legendary among Christians.

Yet, as I began to read, I read about his younger years and found out information I didn’t know.

As a young boy he always had a love for flying. All he wanted was to one day fly an airplane like his older brother. He spent many years working on planes as a mechanic and then Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. At this point, Nate joined the army.

After some time in the army, he passed the aviation exam and went into the airforce. Finally his dreams were in close read. Except, that as a young boy he had cut his leg. The infection got so bad that it turned into a bone disease. He almost died.

Now, the night before he will finally get to fly the airplane, he notices a red circle and a throbbing in his infected leg. All night he wrestles with God, knowing that if he tells the sergeant, he will not get to fly and will not be sent overseas.

Morning dawns and he lets the sergeant know and instead of flying the plane, he is sent to the hospital for treatment. I’m sure the disappointment was great and I’m sure he wondered what God was about here.

Soon thereafter, he is at a revival where he hears a missionary speak and his life is forever changed. He knows now that God has called him to something more. He begins making plans to attend Bible college, when he receives a letter form his dad telling him of a new missions organization, Missionary Aviation Fellowship.

Amazing right. But as I was reading this story and then telling my husband about it. The Lord spoke to my heart.

Nate could have gotten angry, he could have given into bitterness, but he didn’t. He was disappointed, I’m sure. But as I read this, I could only think to myself, “don’t worry, you’re going to get to fly!!.”

See, I knew the ending of the story in advance, I knew that one day he would be flying into the remote jungles of Ecuador telling an unreached tribe about Jesus. Nate, however, on the night he discovered his sore leg, did not.

Isn’t this just like our own lives. In the midst of difficulties and unanswered prayers, we tend to question God and give into disappointment.

But, I believe God is there and He’s cheering from the sidelines, “Just wait, I know the rest of the story. It’s going to be better than you could ever ask or imagine. Trust me!”

In my own life, when difficulties come and it seems God keeps saying no. I find great comfort when I look to the bigger picture. To the fact that God is at work and He knows the ending. He has a purpose and a plan greater than I could dream up on my own. And He only ask that I trust Him.

“God is not overlooking the details of your life, He is orchestrating the details of your life.” David Platt


2 thoughts on “When God Says No…. The Bigger Picture

  1. Valerie

    Wow, I am so thankful, upon finding this I’m moving from Faith to trust,a deeper movement in my mind, remembering the word Is life eternal. Setting my mind on Heaven instead of pleading GOD please help me.. Now I see him in a different light… GOD Bless You for what you are doing for him.
    Your sister in Jesus.

    1. Thank you Valerie. Trusting God is at times the easiest and at other times the hardest thing to do. But I know He is always faithful and knows best. Praying the Lord’s blessing upon you as you seek to walk by faith.

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