Turning Our Eyes Heavenward

182922f82a4e567746cc892f337e7811So often my focus is on me.

So often my focus is on the issues in my life.

But today the Lord said enough!

He said, Stop focusing on yourself and instead focus on Me!

So instead of focusing on how tired, weary, and worn I am.

I will focus on how great, mighty and strong He is.

Instead of believing I can’t.

I will focus on the fact that He can.

Instead of seeing all the impossibilities.

I will remember that I serve the God of the Impossible.

Instead of grumbling and complaining.

I will lift up holy hands in praise to the Great I Am.

Instead of believing the lies of the enemy.

I will hold fast and stand upon the truth of God’s Word.

Instead of being afraid.

I will remember that I can trust and believe God.

Instead of loosing sight of Christ.

I will fix my gaze on Jesus, the author and finisher of my faith.

Instead of listening to the world.

I will listen to the Lord’s still small voice.

Instead of focusing on me, it is time…..

That I focus instead on the Lord.

How about you???


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