Captivated By His Love

thERGYCZTNBeing real with God and others isn’t easy. In fact, it’s hard.

We long to appear “good” to others and if not careful we come before God with a heart of pride.

I use to read about the Pharisees and think how could they miss it, how could they act that way?

Yet, the closer I get to the Lord, the more I see my own pharisetical tendencies emerge.

I have always been a good church girl.

It’s what has always been expected of me.

And when I compare myself to others, I appear pretty spiritual.

Yet, the reality is, I can always find someone to compare myself to that will make me look good.

This is what the Pharisees did, they measured their spirituality based on doing and by comparing themselves to the tax collectors.

The Lord never intended we compare ourselves with others, instead He says, “Look at Me, Look at Jesus!”

When I look at Jesus, no longer do I have anything left to boast in.

No longer do I appear so “good”.

Instead I see my sinfulness.

Yet, if I’m not careful, I try to excuse it or blame it on my situation or on others.

This doesn’t work either. All it does is make things worse.

It is only when I see myself through the eyes of God, that I can fully begin to grasp how much I need Jesus.

That I can begin to fathom the amazing grace placed upon my life.

As I begin to see my sinfulness, I see my great need for Christ.

As I look to Him and realize He has done it, “It is finished.”

I stand amazed at His love for me.

As I get a taste of this amazing love.

I am then and only then captivated by His love and want only Him.

And when I am captivated by Christ love, I am then compelled to live a life worthy of Him.

Unlike the Pharisees then, I’m not serving to earn favor with God.

I serve Him and live for Jesus because I already have favor with God.

God’s love for you is the same on your best day as it is on your worst day.

It doesn’t change. That is why its called GRACE!!


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