A Sacrifice of Praise

praiseing godLet’s be real, it is super easy to thank God and praise Him when life is good.

When we have hope.

But what about when our world has been rocked upside down?

What about when we can’t see through the fog and our hearts are broken?

This is where the truth is revealed.

This is where we find out how much we trust the Lord.

Oh, we have our fits of anger, broken hearts and tears.

We wonder why, why, why… but ultimately we know there is no where else to turn but to God.

I love the song, “I”ll praise you in this storm.” 

Easy to sing, hard to live.

The Bible speaks much of sacrifices of thanksgiving and sacrifices of praise.

What does this mean anyway?

I’m learning, in the midst of heartache, what it means.

I’m finding that it means despite the pain, despite the confusion, despite the fears and unknown, we still praise the Lord.

We give thanks in the midst of the tears, because He is God and He knows best.

Recently, we got some hard news. At first, I reacted in anger, I cried many tears, I even just felt numb.

Then, I ran to the only One who can bring peace, the only One who can comfort my tired, weary soul.

I ran to Jesus. I read and read His Word and cried out to Him.

As I read I came across this verse, “He who offers a sacrifice of thanksgiving honors Me (Ps. 50:23).”

And I got it, the Lord spoke to my heart and said, this is what I want. I want you to trust me. I want you to praise me, even though it hurts.

A sacrifice cost something.

A sacrifice doesn’t come easy.

A sacrifice of praise, then cost us.

Because in spite of our brokeness, we praise Him.

Despite our questions, we give Him Thanks.

Oh, I’m not saying it is easy, in fact it is very hard.

But the peace found here, is sweeter than any anger or tears.

And as we praise Him, the hurt and anger start to fade, as we are able to find rest in Him.

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