When what God ask…seems crazy!

faithHave you ever sensed the Lord asking something of you that didn’t make a whole lot of sense?

Ever wondered at the Lord’s direction and ways?

I’m sure Abraham questioned the Lord when He told him to take his son Issac and offer him as a sacrifice.

(The Lord surely hasn’t asked any of us anything so crazy as this.)

Yet, I’m always amazed as I read this story.

I wonder what Abraham must have thought. Did he question God?

It certainly didn’t make sense or line up with what God had previously told him.

But the Bible says, “early the next morning Abraham got up and saddled his donkey.”

That must have been a REALLY long night.

Abraham probably wrestled with God on this one.Yet in the end he obeyed.

They set out and when they get to the mountain, Abraham tells the servants to wait for him and Issac.

Telling them that they would go up and offer a sacrifice. They’d worship God, then they’d return.

As they walk up the mountain, Issac become curious and ask his dad, “where is the sacrifice.

Good question! To which Abraham replied, “The Lord will provide.

Incredible. Here we find God asking Abraham something that makes no sense. Yet, Abraham obeys and trust God.

I believe with all my heart Abraham believed he and Issac would return. Either God would provide another way or God would raise Issac from the dead.

The faith of Abraham in this situation is baffling. Yet, He believed God, He trusted God and His Faith was placed completely in God.

In my own life, the Lord it seems is asking our family to do what seems crazy to most and appears impossible.

Yet, as I read this today, I was reminded that it doesn’t matter if it makes sense. It doesn’t even matter if it appears impossible.

Because what is impossible for man, is easy for God.

And I don’t have to figure it all out. God already has it worked out.

All He ask of me is to believe Him, to trust Him and to place my faith in Him.

For nothing is impossible for God and He will provide all that’s needed to fulfill what He ask.

So if it seems God is asking something impossible of you, or if the way He’s leading doesn’t make sense.

I encourage you as He encouraged me to just BELIEVE HIM, TRUST HIM AND PUT YOUR FAITH IN HIM.

As you do, He will begin to unravel the unknowns and will make a way.




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