Allowing God to Choose

God knows bestMost of us choose things based upon how they look, how they feel or how they taste.

We want what pleases us and our flesh.

But, there is a danger in this.

Today, I was reading the account of Abraham.

The Lord had told him to leave his land,his home and his family to go to the land the Lord would show Him.

This struck me!

Because Abraham really didn’t get a say in where he would go, he didn’t choose, God did.

The Lord just said, go and follow me. I will lead you to the land I have chosen.

So, Abraham obeys and his nephew Lot goes with him.

Eventually there is not enough space for both Abraham and Lot, so they decide to part company.

The Bible says that Abraham allowed Lot to choose the land he wanted.

And Lot looked upon and the land and chose for himself, the land of Sodom.

It looked good, it seemed the best place but it ended up being a disaster.

Abraham allowed God to choose and God gave Him the best.

I’m finding that often what I think is best, isn’t always God’s best.

I’m learning that it is better to allow God to make the choices.

The Lord is teaching me that when making decisions, I must let Him lead and let Him choose.

God is showing me that when I “seek first His kingdom” He will take care of everything else.

For His ways are greater and more wonderful than anything we can choose ourselves.

“What no eye has seen,what no ear has heard,and what no human mind has conceived”the things God has prepared for those who love him—” I Cor. 2:9

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