Do Not Be Afraid

do not fearFear overwhelms.

Fear cripples.

Fear holds us back from God’s plans.

Fear is the opposite of trust.

Fear and faith do not mix.

No matter how many times the Lord deals with my heart on fear or how many times I think upon and write on it.

I am blown away with how detrimental fear is and how it consumes so many.

God tells us again and again, “Do not be afraid, Do not fear, Fear not.” 

We know He holds the world and our lives in His hands.

We know He is in control and that it is He who numbers our days.

We know we can trust Him…. and yet fear sneaks in and overwhelms us.

I think the real issue is, we long to be in control but we are not.

Fear overtakes when we feel helplessly out of control.

But God never meant for us to be in control

Because God IS God

We are His the sheep of His pasture.

And friend, we can trust Him.

He who sent His own son to die in our place.

He who demonstrated His love for us at Calvary.

He who has set us free from both sin and death.

He is God and He can be trusted.

For He will always be found faithful.

Therefore, we can Fear Not!!

I encourage you to remember who He is today.

The Lord Jehovah is His name and He is strong and mighty. He is all-powerful and in control.

I encourage you to find rest in Him as you fix your mind upon Him

“For He keeps in perfect peace, he whose mind is fixed on Him (Is. 26:3).”


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