Living a life that demands explanation

let your light shineI was listening to a sermon this morning and it began with a commissioning service for a couple who was preparing to sell their home, and take their two daughters to serve in Indonesia as missionaries.

In the midst of his testimony, he made this statement and it just struck me. He said, “As believers we are to live lives that demand an explanation.”

Most would think this makes no sense.

But, to me it makes perfect sense.

Many Christians are fine looking and living like the rest of the world.

In fact they think it is fully acceptable.

Yet, the more I read the Bible.

The more I’m convinced that this is not okay.

In fact, it’s sin.

I John tells us that we “are not to love this world or the things of this world.”

Jesus was despised, hated and rejected in this world and He tells us that we should expect  the same.

This couple got this.

We all need to get this.

Abraham, Moses, Joshua, David, Daniel, Paul and others knew this wasn’t home and lived for eternity.

As Christians, sold out to Christ, the way we live should not make sense to the non-Christians, or even to the average churchgoer.

Our lives must be different. So different that at times people won’t understand and at times they may even question our sanity.

Many days I have struggled with this.

Wanting to be “normal”.

This however, is not what God has called us to.

He has called us to different.

He has called us to obedience.


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