Nepal Bound (Our Journey to the far east)

hidus worshippingFirst flight of the journey, headed to Chicago. So far, it has been difficult indeed. Saying goodbye to the children about broke my heart into. They are quite used to daddy going away but never mommy too. As we stood in line to check in, I just stood and sobbed, as I could still hear Lauren crying for me as they walked away. Once I finally got myself together all I could say was, “For You Jesus, for You. I go because You have called. I go in obedience to you. Though my heart is broken, I go. Standing on the promises of Your Word. That You will bless in this life and in the life to come those who have left houses, lands, families, and friends for the sake of the Gospel (Mark 10:29-30).”

On the plane I read of the rich young ruler and was once again reminded of the cost of following Jesus. Here we find a wealthy, young man coming to Jesus telling Him, He wants to follow Him. Sadly to say most today, would just lead this man to pray a prayer and put him to work. Yet, Jesus approach was much different. For Jesus knew his heart. He knew that this man wanted to follow Him but for all the wrong reasons. Jesus knew this man already served a master, himself and his money. So Jesus tells him, “if you want to follow me, then go and give all you have away, and then come follow Me.”

There is a great cost to following Jesus. In truly being His disciple, His servant. Around the globe, the cost is great. For some the cost is their family, their jobs, their homes and friends. For others the cost includes prison and persecution and for some the cost is their own lives.

Today, I experienced a small flicker of the cost involved in following Jesus as I stood and said goodbye to my family and children. Since being in Nepal a few days, though I realize that is minute to the cost many of these face when they turn to follow Jesus. Many cut off from their families, disinherited.

May we all recognize there is a cost involved in following Jesus. That it is so much more than praying a prayer and then living as we choose. We have not been saved to sit, we have been saved to serve and tell others of our glorious Savior. Oh, may we all follow hard after Jesus.

*A funny: on our flight to Chicago, the flight attendant asked us where we were headed. Sitting at the back of the plane with the engine roaring, it was quite hard to hear. So, when Eric responded Kathmandu, the flight attendant thought Eric said, “Camping in the nude.” He looked at us quite strange for moments before he had seen me reading my Bible and thought to ask for Eric to repeat what he said. A little louder, Eric said Kathmandu and he burst out laughing explaining what he had thought we said. Oh my, how we laughed.

Flight Two:

We are now waiting in the airport for our next flight, the longest of the three headed to Istanbul. Already, I am missing my kids and wishing I were there to tuck them in. Yet, as I looked around at all who are waiting for the next flight. I am reminded why we go. For all around us are Muslim and Hindu women. And my heart breaks for the bondage they are in. They smile back as I smile there way and I realize the Lord has saved me, so that I might go and tell others of Him.

Istanbul, our flight to Turnkey with Turkish Airlines, was great. In fact I slept most of the way. Though back home it is 10 am, here it is 6 pm. What a journey it has been thus far. Eric has said, this is our scouting trip. Scouting out the journey and the land the Lord is leading our family to.

If I thought the number of Muslim and Hindu’s was large in Chicago, it is tremendous here. I was just reading in my Bible about the Jesus telling the disciples how difficult it is for a rich man to be saved. He says, “How hard it is for these to enter the Kingdom of God, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for these to enter the kingdom (Mark 10:23-27).” As I look about me, I see so many who do not know Jesus, so many blinded by the enemy. So many and I think Lord, how hard it is for these to enter the Kingdom of God. But then I am reminded by the fact that With man, this is impossible, but with God, all things are possible.”

Third flight

This morning as the plane got ready to land, looking out the window, I could see the beautiful Himalayas. Massive and gorgeous, I was reminded that in every place through creation, you have revealed yourself (Romans 1). So even here in a country surrounded by so much natural beauty, You have made your presence known. Yet, the god of this world has blinded their eyes through culture and religion. Break through dear Lord and reach the Nepali people for your glory.


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