Enjoying His Presence

Do you see it? Do you feel it?images

As I was sitting outside on the front porch this morning, I felt the cool breeze upon my face and saw the sun shining through the trees. I watched the leaves of various colors fall from the trees and heard the acorns hitting the ground.


So often we miss it. We miss the presence of God that is in everything, for everything comes from Him. He is The Source! We rush about our days doing all we must do. Believing somehow the only way to experience His presence is through Bible study and prayer.

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These of course are the anchor and are a definite must. But unless you’re a monk or a nun, you don’t sit all day reading the Bible or on your knees in deep prayer. I have been asking the Lord to show me what it means to seek His presence and how to enjoy it all the day through.


I believe He showed me a glimpse of this, this morning as I sit and observed His beauty, His handiwork and gave thanks to Him.

When we acknowledge Who does all things well, we acknowledge God.

When we give thanks for the cool breeze, we show gratitude to the One who did it.

When we praise Him for His beauty, we celebrate Him.

Through each of these things, we are enjoying His presence. The Lord’s presence that is with us all the day through.

My prayer for you and I is that the Lord would open our eyes to see Him in all things. That He would open our ears to hear His voice in the gentle breeze. That we would indeed taste and see the Lord is good!

He is worthy of our continual praise. Let us then enjoy His sweet presence this day!

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