Why They Go

all nationsIn the past few weeks, the news has been gruesome. The bombs and killings in Egypt, Syria, Pakistan and now in Kenya have been a lot to take in. Everyone has an opinion on this and most point their fingers directly at the Muslims. However, I have a different take. You, see the reason the Muslims and others are doing these things is because they are lost and do not know the love of Christ.

In all of these countries as well as others hard places. Numerous people have gone taking the good news of Christ. By many these are seen as radical, crazy and are not understood even by their loved ones. People can not understand why they would go.

The stark reality is many of us don’t care about what is happening on that side of the world and are only affected when it gets closer to home. Yet, daily millions are dying never having heard the name of Jesus.

Why do they go, why do these missionaries give up everything the world has to offer to live among the least of these? It’s actually rather simple. They go, because the love of Christ compels them. Knowing that they could have been born on that side of the world, knowing they could have been brought up Hindu or Muslim. They realize if not for the grace of God, they too would not know the truth.

They go because they can not get over the fact that the God of the Universe loves them. That He sent His son Jesus to die for their sins. They go because they understand that the Lord deserves the praise of all peoples in all nations. They go to declare His great name.

The truth is it’s the hard places that need the love of Christ the most. So, they go knowing the worst thing that could happen is that they go to be with Jesus. They go understanding that this world is not their home. That this world has nothing to offer and they want the Lord to use them as He see’s fit.

Join me today in praying for the missionaries who have gone. Pray certainly for their safety. Yet, pray more so for the grace and strength of the Lord to be upon them. Pray that in the midst of these hard places and these set against them, that the Lord would use them to bear His name and reach the hard hearts. Pray the Lord’s name is praised throughout the whole earth.


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