The Impossible

Have you ever felt a situation in your life was impossible? That God was asking way too much from you? This has been a constant theme in my life the past year, as the Lord has led our family to do things that have not been easy and at times in fact seemed impossible.

In my quiet time the other day I read the story of Jesus feeding the  5,000. I always loved this story as a child and can still remember singing about the five loaves and two fish. I was amazed at how Jesus could take such a small amount of food and feed the thousands, mesmerized by His greatness. As an adult I still stand amazed but was struck more by what the Lord was asking His disciples to do.

Jesus and His disciples have been ministering all day to a large crowd and it is now nearing dark thirty. The disciples are ready to call it a day and want Jesus to dismiss everyone so they can all go on their own way. Jesus however, sees a great opportunity to teach the disciples yet another lesson. Instead of sending the people home, Jesus tells the disciples they should get food to feed all the people. As the disciples look around at the humongous crowd, they shake their heads in wonderment. How can they ever feed this many people.

Jesus has asked them to do something that is impossible. How can they mere men, feed everyone. They do not have the money or resources needed. I’m sure they are scratching their heads and whispering to one another about this seemingly crazy request. Jesus knowing their thoughts, was setting them up if you will, so that His glory could be declared not only to the thousands but more importantly to the twelve.

I’ve noticed this is the same approach the Lord uses in my life as well. Asking me to do that which is impossible. I fret and worry trying to figure it out, until finally I throw my hands in the air declaring that He will just have to do it, because I surely can’t. Bingo, He has me just where He wants me. For this is where He steps in and shows His glory and declares His greatness.

As the disciples passed out the food, it just kept coming. Never seeming to run out. In fact, there was so much that they had leftovers for later. Amazing! I’m learning that I must never underestimate my Lord. That which is impossible for me, is simple or easy peasy as my daughter would say for Jesus. And as He steps in to save the day, He doesn’t just do the impossible, He does it in a way that declares His glory and exalts His name. The Lord goes above and beyond what I could ever possibly come up with or imagine. Teaching me once more that He is faithful and I can trust Him.

Yea, if Jesus can feed 5,000 with five loaves and two fish, there surely is nothing He can not do. Whew, what a relief to know that what seems too much for me is a cake walk for Him.

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