And His Praise Goes On

Camping in tents, this is what the past few days has consisted of for me and my family. I must say I wasn’t too thrilled about this at the start, but it was a wonderful time. My sweet hubby put up an air mattress for me to sleep on inside our tent. The kids ran, swam, played and of course were filthy but good memories were made.

It was nice to unplug and just get away. Away from reality for a few days to reorient myself with the Lord and His creation. As I laid down to sleep the first night, it was cold. So I snuggled under a mountain of blankets and lay there listening to the crickets, cicadas, owls and I believe a few coyotes. As I listened to each sound, I was reminded of the song by Chris Rice, “Your Praise Goes On.” That even when we are sleeping, the animals created by God, sing His praises.

The next morning as I awoke and sat looking at the river in the chilly morning air, my mouth picked up where there’s left off and I sang His praises, because He is so worthy. As my eyes took in the beauty that the Lord created, I was overwhelmed by His goodness and His love. So despite all struggles, despite all fears, despite “life”, the Lord is worthy of all praise. I was reminded that just as the Lord raises the sun in the east each day and puts it to bed in the west each night. Just as He cares for the flowers that are here today and gone tomorrow and watches out for each tiny bug, He too cares for me and that I can trust Him.

Life can be overwhelming at times. Life can be busy and messy. Life can be just plain hard. Yet despite all life seeks to throw our way, we serve an amazing God who is worthy of all praise. The one true God who can be trusted in spite of life.

So I invite you to just get away, unplug. Go watch as the sun rises or sets. Stop and smell the roses, open wide your eyes and take in all the Lord created. As you stop to grasp the goodness and greatness of our God, truly life’s problems and trials will grow dim and your mouth too will declare His praise!

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