Every tribe and tonuge will worship Him

What a scene of unimaginable grandeur that will be when at last all nations are gathered at His feet. That will include representatives from all the European States, from Iceland in the far North to Greece in the South, and from Portugal in the West to hidden saints of God in the Middle East, China and North Korea.  There will be many from Algeria, Morocco, and the Atlas mountains; from Egypt and the Nile Valley; from the sandy deserts and the mountains of the Sahara; from the great lakes in Central Africa, from the banks of the Niger, the Calabar, the Congo, and the Zambesi rivers; and from the uplands of South Africa. There will be gathered to Christ many from Palestine, Jordan and Arabia; India will contribute her millions; and even in Nepal and Tibet Christ will gather His own.

From the Islands in the East Indies they will come, Java, Sumatra, Bali, Celebes, Lombok, Sumbawa, Borneo, and the rest will be gathered to the feet of the Redeemer. From the teeming millions of Central Asia, Japan, Korea, Manchukuo and Mongolia, there will be an immense home going to the Savior. From the myriad Islands of the Pacific the peoples of Polynesia and Melanesia will be gathered to the Lord who redeemed them.

From Australia and New Zealand there will be multitudes who will join in the glad song of praise. From every republic of Central, South and North America and from the West Indies Islands of Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Porto Rico, and the Lesser Antilles, they will come. From the far off forests and lakes of Canada there will be a similar home going.

Whether the tongues be those of the white race or the red or the black, the gathering to Christ will be overwhelmingly splendid.

taken from Springs In the Valley

By: Mrs. Chas. E. Cowman

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