Glorifying God Where You Are

What if your purpose in life wasn’t so much about what you do or where you live, but about glorifying God (in) what you do and where you live?

Since I was a child I have wanted desperately for my life to count, to make an impact. Misguided, I have assumed that for this to take place, I must become a nun or it’s equivalent, a missionary or a pastor’s wife. Assuming nothing else would do.

After attending seminary and acquiring my Masters in Christian Education, I became a pastors wife and later a missionary. I’ve taught Bible studies and fulfilled numerous “ministry” roles. Then our life and ministry were seemingly put on hold. Our family of 5 was placed at a standstill waiting and trusting the Lord to bring about our next assignment.

For months I felt I had somehow lost my identity and longed for purpose, feeling I had none. Since no longer were we “doing” ministry, it was hard to recognize how or if my life was impacting anyone.

Then one day my eyes were opened as I looked around me and saw so many others who were not pastors wives, missionaries or nuns. They were teachers, dentist, counselors and moms who were living in their day to day environments making the most of every opportunity to minister to others, their co-workers and children. In the midst of “life” they were glorifying God where He had placed them and honoring Him.

The Lord has shown me that as John Piper says, “God is most glorified when we are most satisfied in Him.” He has taught me that it is not so much about what you do or don’t do or where you serve so much as it is about using each opportunity daily to dwell in His presence and honor Him in everything. For some that is done through the job they have, the church they pastor,the people they encounter or the children they raise.

There is much to be said for one who despite their circumstances, despite their feelings, glorifies God through each detail of their day. While washing dishes, bathing kids, teaching school or preparing a meal. When these are done with a thankful heart and offered up as an offering to the Lord, He is glorified, He is honored.

Yes, I am convinced that it matters little what you do or where you live. What matters most is glorifying Him despite these things and in the midst of where God has you. In doing what He has called you at this time in your life to do.

Let us glorify Him today where He has us by doing all things for His glory!

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