To Rely on Him


Why? Why? Why? Your mind screams.


You can not understand the reasonings behind things happening in your life.


It seems you continue to be hit, knocked down and that there is no end in sight.


If you are here, you understand, if you’re not here, just wait at some point you will be.


Throughout all time countless peoples have questioned the Lord and wanted to know why, when bad or hard things happen.


I’ve always heard that we shouldn’t ask why but ask what now. That we aren’t to question the why so much as to seek to learn from them and glorify God through them.


This week I have asked why a lot. I have not understood or agreed with God’s plans and have struggled to understand.


Each time I ask why, the Lord whispers in my ear, 2 Corinthians 1:8-9, where Paul says, “So that we might not rely upon ourselves but upon God who raises the dead.”


Why God? I don’t understand and then that quite small voice whispers I want you to rely not on yourself and what you think is best. I want you to rely completely upon Me and remember that I am the God who raises the dead.


I love Paul’s wording here. He could have ended this statement numerous way, yet He ends it with a description of our great God who raises the dead.


I have thought a lot about this and the Lord has encouraged my heart.


For if God can raise the dead, then He can do absolutely anything.


This is the God we are to rely on during hard times, and times when we dont’ understand the heartache we may be going through.


When Paul wrote this He and the others had been through so much that the Bible says that they despaired of life itself. They wanted to die.


Yet Paul goes on to explain that He understands now that God has taken them through this time, so that they will rely not on themselves but upon Him.


We all can say we trust God. However the true test is when He allows hard things in our lives or when He says no to something we have prayed diligently for.


It is then we can pout like a child and grow angry with Him or we can surrender to our God who can raise the dead and trust Him.


I don’t know what you may be going through. You may be asking why and you may be struggling to understand God’s plans.


I encourage you to just hold on and to look to the Lord. He wants you to fully trust that His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. He longs for you to believe that He loves you and cares for you and is working all things together for good for you. He wants you to stop trying to figure it out and start trusting that He already has it worked out. The Lord longs to give you joy and peace as you let go and truly let Him.






















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