The Doubting Heart

“Every sin, at its root, is based in something we do not fully believe about God.” – Jeanie Allen

God doesn’t care, God has forgotten me, He isn’t interested in my life. He has forsaken me. All of these are lies based on a doubting heart. Panic attacks, what ifs and anxious hearts result from doubting hearts.

Satan is entirely too crafty. Have you ever noticed how the “worldly” seem so blessed and seem to have no problems? Though it may seem true, I believe it is because they are no threat to the enemy. We however, threaten him at his very core. He knows he can not take our salvation or snatch us from the Father’s hand. So he seeks to fill our minds with lies, our hearts with doubt and our lives with chaos. For his greatest desire is to get us to give up on God, to grow complacent and to destroy our witness.

Each lie we believe is therefore a result of doubts we have about God. When we doubt His Character, His sovereignty, His ability and His power, we fall prey to lies. Lies that if believed will lead to a hard heart and hard hearts which lead to turning away from God (Hebrews 3:12).

Remember the Garden, even then Satan tricked Eve by getting her to doubt the Lord. “Did He really say?” He deceived her by leading her to believe God was holding out on her and that she deserved more. His tactics have not changed, for he plays the same tricks on us each day.

“Did God really say…….” “Does God really care………” “If only………” This line of questioning will lead us to ultimately believe God is holding out on us and that we deserve better.

Don’t you see the pattern, each doubt leads to more and before long we are like the ship James speaks of in James 1:6-7. that is blown and tossed about, the one who is double minded and unstable.

Recently I had a day like this. I was like this ship, because I had let my guard down, believed lies and succumbed to a doubting heart. Because of my doubting heart I was tossed about and ready to throw in the towel. BUT GOD, who is rich in mercy poured out His grace and declared Himself faithful.

I’m learning though that this is a daily battle. Sure some days will be easy and others hard. Yet, the enemy is seeking whom he may kill and destroy. Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities…….Therefore we must be strong in the Lord (Ephesians 6).

Yet isn’t this another struggle, to be strong in the Lord? I know my tendency is to be strong in myself. I think I can handle it, I can fight, I can resist, I can do it myself. Much like my Lauren, who believes she can do everything on her own.

Our flesh wants to do it and yet the Bible says we are to be strong in Him and in His might. We can’t do it and the sooner we realize this and fall on our faces in humility, the better off we are.

Let us then, set our mind on things above, fix our thoughts on Christ, dwell on that which is true and hold fast to His Word. For then and only then are we strong in Him and able to stand against the enemy. Only then can we resist Satan so that he will flee. Only then will we have peace even in the storms. Peace which passes all understanding.

Let us not be like the house built on the sand that falls due to doubt and unbelief. Let us be like the house built upon the rock, that despite what life throws at us, is steadfast because we are strong in Him.

“Nothing defines a soul more than what the soul believes about God.” -A W Tozer


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