Trusting and Waiting……….

Trusting God and waiting on God, neither are easy and yet both are necessary in our walks with the Lord. Trusting God displays our faith in God. Trusting God says I believe God is bigger than anything I’m going through. Waiting on God is a form of trusting God for it declares that we aren’t going to figure things out on our own or get ahead of God. Instead we are going to wait, believing and trusting He is in control. Yet, waiting on God also doesn’t necessarily mean doing nothing. At times we are to follow His leading, but then we are left to wait and trust as to how things turn out.

In Chapter three of Ruth, we find a similar situation. Ruth has been ever caring for Naomi and has done a great job. She has respected Naomi and it appears they have a great relationship. At the beginning of chapter three, Naomi tells Ruth to do something that I’m not sure Ruth would have ever done on her own. Naomi is seeking to secure Ruth’s relationship with Boaz as the next of kin. Naomi apparently has thought out the details of her instruction, for she has it seems worked everything out.  She tells Naomi to go, wash, anoint herself and put on her best clothes. Then she tells her to go to the threshing floor where she knows Boaz will be and after he has eaten to watch where Boaz lies down. Then she tells her to uncover his feet and then lay down.

Now to us, these seem like strange instructions, but according to commentaries I have ready seeking to understand this, this was not risky, it was a way of letting Boaz know she is willing to marry him as her kinsman redeemer. I’ve always wondered at the uncovering of the feet, but I guess it was a way of making sure he would wake up at some point to find her. Which is exactly what happens.

Yet here we find Ruth trusting her mother-in-law‘s love advice, doing exactly as she has been instructed and then lying down to wait to see what will happen. I can’t imagine she slept a wink, I’m sure her heart was racing, wondering what Boaz was going to think of her. Yet, she trusted and she waited.

As Naomi had expected, Boaz awakens and is quite startled to find someone at his feet. Ruth’s reply signifies her request for marriage. For she ask him to spread his covering over her, his servant, letting him know he is a close relative.  Boaz is amazed. He can’t believe she has chosen him and has not gone after someone younger. He tells her he will do what she request but also lets her know there is another who is a closer relative who has to be spoken to first. Boaz makes it clear that if this man does not wish to redeem Ruth, he will. Then he tells her to lie down until morning. Once more, Ruth is left waiting for morning. I’m sure she wondered about this other next of kin, she wondered what would happen. I’m sure she was left praying for the Lord’s leading and direction.

Early the next morning, Ruth leaves, but not before Boaz gives her 6 ephas of barley to take to her mother in law. When Ruth arrives home, Naomi is right there waiting to hear what has happened. She too, I’m sure hasn’t slept much, in anticipation of what has transpired. Though the Scripture doesn’t say, I’m sure Ruth shared the whole story and Boaz response to Naomi. For Naomi says, “Wait, my daughter until you know how the matter turns out; for the man will not rest until he has settled it today.

I’m sure Ruth was feeling a bit anxious, wondering what was going to happen. Yet, Naomi encourages her telling her to wait, knowing that Boaz will take care of everything.

In this chapter, Ruth has had to trust and wait, trust and wait. She has had to trust Naomi, trust Boaz, and ultimately trust God. Then she has had to wait to see what will be the result.

If we are honest none of us like to wait and trusting while waiting are extra hard. Our minds go into overdrive, seeking to figure our own way out. We live in an instant world, instant microwave, instant internet access, instant meals, etc. We are all in a hurry to get where we are going and all struggle with impatience. Yet, we are told again and again in the Bible to trust God, to wait on God.

I’ve found in times of waiting, I must cling to God’s Word and spend as much time as needed in prayer. Some days it seems my heart cries out to the Lord moment by moment. I know first hand, waiting is not easy but I also know from experience from times when I’ve had to wait, that the Lord has been faithful and He always blesses me for it.

I’m always reminded of King David. As a young boy he was anointed as King, but it was not until many years later before this came to pass. Years spent in subject to King Saul, years spent running from King Saul and I’m sure years spent wondering when the Lord’s promise would be fulfilled. There were many times he could have gotten ahead of God, a couple of  times he could have killed Saul and made his own way. Yet, he waited on God’s timing and trusted God.

So if you are trusting and waiting on God. Please know that He sees and knows. The Lord is pleased with your faith and trust in Him. He is honored by your desire not to get ahead of Him, but to trust His guiding hand. And in due time, He will bring you through to the other side.

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