Trusting that God is in control

Last night our pastor taught from Luke 8:22-25, when Jesus calms the storm. This is one of my favorite stories and I always see new truths from this text. He made the statement faith isn’t trustworthy until it is tested.” In this story the Lord sought to test the faith of His disciples to see if they would really trust Him.  Our pastor brought out the fact that Jesus had called them to go with Him to the other side and the fact that if Jesus said they were going to the other side, this would be accomplished, for God‘s plans can not be thwarted. Yet, in the story, despite this truth, when the storm comes, they don’t trust, in fact, they are afraid! Though they knew Jesus had called them to go, they feared the storm and didn’t believe they would make it.

The Lord knew I would need this lesson taught if no one else did. For today, I took my husband to Nashville to board his flight headed for Liberia. His first flight was scheduled to leave at 3:08 and to arrive at 6:00. However due to storms brewing in the North East, all flights were grounded for New York. His flight was delayed 3 and a half hours. My initial reaction was, fear/anxiety that he’d miss his next flight. Yet, as I began to pray, the Lord reminded me of the truths from last night.

Nothing happens by accident, all things happen for a reason!!!!! Had the Lord wanted Eric to leave and arrive on schedule then he would have. The Lord had other plans, plans for good and not harm.

Testing strengthens our faith and shows us how much we really trust the Lord. I believe the Lord wanted to see if I would trust or fear. Praise the Lord for His grace that has allowed me to trust and for reminding me of the truths preached.

The Lords plans will be accomplished. As I prayed for Eric and called others to pray. I was reminded of all the Lord had accomplished in the past 3 weeks to allow Eric to go to Liberia. He allowed us to get Eric’s visa in time, gave us amazing discounts on shots and medicines needed for the trip and provided the necessary funds. As I thought on this, I was reminded that the Lord called Eric to go, and He will accomplish His purposes.

As I sit here now, I just heard from Eric and he has landed and is making his way toward his next flight. God is good, He is good indeed. Yet, had Eric missed his next flight, God would still be just as good, just as in control and He would have had a purpose and reason. However, I rejoice that once more the Lord has tested my faith, and strengthen it by hearing my prayers and answering them.

Our God is a God we can trust. He is faithful and He is able. We need not fear, for He is on His throne accomplishing His will, strengthening our faith and nothing ever takes Him by surprise!! Oh we serve a trustworthy, faithful God whom is worthy of our praise.


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