A Great Big God…..

You have to admit there are some great Bible stories.

God spoke and created everything out of nothing. Moses leads the Israelites across the Red Sea on dry land. Joshua and his men march around the city of Jericho and on the 7th day, they give a shout and the walls come falling down.

Of course one of the all time favorites is the story of David and how he kills the massive giant with a sling and a stone. Or how about Daniel as he is placed in the lion’s den yet comes out without a scratch. Shadrach, Meshach and Abindigo going into the fiery furnace and coming out not even smelling of smoke.

These are great stories, but that is just it, they aren’t just great stories, they are truth, they are fact. They did happen just as the Bible tells us. Jesus did come and live a perfect sinless life, He did raise the dead, heal the sick, cast out demons and multiply the fish. He was crucified and buried and on the third day He did rise from the grave. All of these things and more happened and they show us how great and how big our God is.

I’m convinced that many of us today have a low view of God. Here in America, especially the Bible belt, we have heard these stories and told these stories so many times that they have become familiar. We in one sense admit yes these are true, but have then limited the greatness of our God in our daily lives. The God of old, is the same today. He has not changed and will not change. He is just as powerful today as He was before. He is still as mighty and awesome today as before.

I was reading in Isaiah yesterday and over and over again God declares Himself mighty and awesome.  In Is. 45:7, He says, “I am the one forming light and creating darkness, causing well-being and creating calamity. Is 45:12, “It is I who made the earth and created man upon it. I stretched out the heavens with my hands and I ordained all their host. It is God who has created all things and all things have their being through Him. Each breath you take is from God. He is sustaining your life this very moment, not you.

Oh we serve a mighty and an awesome God, who is big and He is great. I believe what we need now is a high view of our great God.

knowing and everywhere.

A high view of  God makes the impossible, possible because we know God is not limited by anything.

A high view of God gives us boldness and confidence to tell others about Him, to serve Him with all our hearts.

A high view of God exalts Jesus and places Him on His throne in our lives.

A high view of God shows us our great need of Him and leads us to complete dependence on Him.

Let me share a story of our great God. At the missions conference we heard testimony of a girl from Iran who was saved. She tells a story of how one day as she was taking a shower, she heard a voice telling her, her sins would be washed away. She was startled and thought what does this mean. So, she goes the spiritual leader and ask him and he tells her the voice was from Jesus, for only he speaks that way. Well, she had heard of Jesus but knew little since she was from a devout Muslim family. At the same time miles away her sister is sitting in a church somewhere in the Netherlands when a woman approaches her and tells her that she has had a dream and in this dream she dreamed that this girl was sitting on a bed with two ladies telling them of Jesus. She then looks at her and tells her I believe you need to go home right away. The girl replies I would love to but I have no money for a ticket. The lady says, you don’t understand, this dream was so real that I have already bought your ticket! So the girl flies home and when she arrives her mother and sister meet her at the door. She tells them she has come to tell them about Jesus. So they go inside and yes, sit on a bed and she tells them of Jesus and both are saved, washed of their sins!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m telling you our God is great, He is super big and He is all-powerful. He can do anything and is limited by nothing. Let us meditate upon this, let us re-read the stories of old and experience anew the greatness of the God we serve. He is worthy of our complete adoration and praise.


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