The Rocks Will Cry Out

rocks“I tell you, if these become silent, the stones will cry out.” Luke 19:40

It was the week before the darkest day in history. The day Jesus would take upon Himself the sins of the world. The day when the wrath of God would be poured out upon Him. Yet, on this day the picture is quite different.

We find Jesus and his disciples heading to Jerusalem and when they arrived at Bethany, Jesus sends his disciples ahead of Him into the village to find a colt. And not just any old colt, but a colt which had never been ridden, that will be tied up. He tells them if anyone ask why they are untying the colt, just to say, “The Lord has need of it.” So the disciples go and they find a colt just like Jesus said they would and while they untie it, someone ask what they are doing and they give them the exact reply Jesus had said. Apparently this was enough, for off they go with the colt for Jesus.

Each time I read this I am amazed at the disciples obedience to just do what Jesus said. What he asked didn’t necessarily make sense, but they obeyed and everything worked out just as Jesus said it would. I know for a fact sometimes what Jesus ask of us doesn’t make sense but I’m also a firm believer that when we just trust and obey, He blesses our socks off.

As Jesus rides the colt into Jerusalem, the people in the crowd begin throwing down their coats and waving palm branches shouting,Hosanna, blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord; Peace in heaven and glory in the highest.” The same people who one week cry out His praises, a week later will shout crucify!

These were worshiping Jesus thinking He was their earthly King, that He would deliver them. They worshiped Him more for what He could do for them, than they worshiped Him for who He is. But before we cast stones, aren’t we too guilty of this. Worshiping and serving Jesus at times more for what He can do for us, than worshiping Him just because He is worthy.

Yet, as they shout His praises, the Pharisees who are jealous of the attention Jesus is receiving tell Jesus to rebuke his disciples. Jesus response is amazing, for He lets them know that if the crowds are quiet, even the rocks will cry out His praises. He is declaring Himself King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I heard tell of a guy one time who was arrested for telling others about Jesus. His response was quite similar. As the guards led him into the room, he brings in a large rock and places it upon the table. The officers are all quite confused and wonder why he has brought a rock. He quickly explains to them, that if they silence Him and keep him from telling others of Jesus, that the rock will cry out. The men in the room all thought he was crazy, and they let him go. Amazing!

Jesus is worthy of our praise. We are told countless times throughout God’s Word to praise Him. To declare His praises and His glory among the nations. The government can try to silence us, the schools can seek to take out prayer, our families and friends can ridicule us. Yet, regardless of what anyone else says or does, He is worthy of our praise. And as the Lord is teaching me, He is worthy of my praise and thanksgiving regardless of my circumstance or how I feel as well.

He is worthy and if we don’t declare His praise and give Him the praise He deserves, I do believe the rocks will cry out and the trees will clap their hands in praise.

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