Because He loves Me………….

Have you ever tried to be holy? Have you ever wondered how God could tell us to do something we are not capable of doing? Everytime I come upon verses like Leviticus 19:2 which says, “Be holy because I the Lord your God am holy.” I think how is this possible. It’s impossible right? The word Holy means perfect, set apart, pure, basically without sin. So, how can we as sinful people be holy as the Lord is holy? Is this possible? Surely God wouldn’t tell us to do something we can’t do would He?

Exactly, it is impossible for us and it is something we can not do. We have been told to be holy as the Lord is holy. On our own this is impossible. But JESUS!! But Jesus has made a way not only for us to be forgiven of our sins, but also a way for us to be holy. Jesus blood cleanses us and declares us righteous. So that when God looks upon us He no longer see’s our sinfulness, He see’s the perfect, righteousness of Christ and He declares us Holy.

Awesome! Just as in our selves we can never do enough to earn forgiveness of our sins, we can never be good enough, perfect enough to be Holy. But Jesus! But Jesus cleanses us from our sins and makes us white as snow. But Jesus makes us righteous and holy in the sight of God.

“Consecrate yourselves and be holy, because I am the Lord your God. Keep my decrees and follow them. I am the Lord, WHO MAKES YOU HOLY (Lev. 20:7-8).”

You see it is God who makes us Holy, He does it in us through Jesus. We can never keep all the laws and He knew this, which is why He sent Jesus. God is holy and He can not look upon sin. He knew we could never earn our salvation or forgiveness, which is why He sent Jesus. Jesus blood cleanses us and declares us Holy. Aren’t you thankful for the blood of Jesus!!

However, and I believe this is where most of us mess up, we are called to be Holy. This holiness comes through Jesus. Right now, if you have believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and repented of your sins, asking Him to be your Lord and Savior. Then you right now are holy in the sight of God. Yet, someone who has been changed by God, forgiven of sins and made righteous will desire to live for Him. Your life should and will look different from the lady down the street who doesn’t know the Lord. You will want to do the right things, you will talk differently, you will act differently. You will be different and though you and I will both fail each day and sin against God, our desire will be to be holy as He is holy. Our desire will be to live for Him.

As Christians we will fail, we will mess up and when we do we need to confess our sins and be made right with God. Yet, dear sister in the Lord’s eyes, you are forgiven, you are righteous, you are holy. Jesus did it, the price has been paid. As a child of God, the old has passed away and you are a new creation.

So for those of us who are trying to do all the right things and failing…. take comfort in God’s eyes we are holy.


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