Worth it all

The kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hidden in the field, which a man found and hid again; and from joy over it he goes and sells all that he has and buys the field.” Mathew 13:44

What is Jesus really worth to you? What are you willing to do, give up or even go for His glory? In many countries around the world, becoming a Christian means risking your very life. It could mean being disowned by your family, loosing your job or as previously stated, it could mean years of torture or death. This is so hard for us to get our minds wrapped around here in America. Here most of us have countless copies of God‘s Word, many which collect dust upon the bookshelves. In some countries they still do not have the Bible written in their language and in many places such as China, Iran, and North Korea there are not enough copies available to those who want one. Recently I read a story of a group of pastors in China. A missionary was meeting with these men and one day he came upon them tearing up the Bible and he rushed in asking what are you doing? These men turned to him and replied that many of them did not have their own copy of God’s Word, so they were taking the Bible and tearing it apart book by book, so that each man could take a book with him when he returned to his village so he could preach it to his people. (The Insanity of God by: Nik Ripken) Amazing isn’t it, here many of us take God’s Word for granted, while in other places people are willing to die for the same Book.

In “The Insanity of God“,  I read countless stories and testimonies of Christians around the globe who were willing to risk it all and endure persecution out of their love for the Lord. You can’t help but read such testimonies and began to question your own endurance, your own committment and belief in the Lord. You read such testimonies and see the hand of the Lord moving and working in mighty ways and if your like me, you want to see that same thing in your own life.

Yet, in the above parable, we find that Jesus tells us that He is worth it all. I love the picture this parable brings to mind. Picture with me you are out in a field one day with your shovel digging. I know for some of us, this is quite hard to picture, but keep trying. So, here you are and as you are working and dumping mud, grass, and rocks into a pile, all of a sudden you strike not only gold, but you find diamond, rubies, sapphires and more. You can’t believe it and you look over you shoulder and all around you to see if anyone is watching, if anyone else has seen the hidden treasures you have found. When your sure, you are safe, you fill the hole back in, making sure it looks undisturbed and you set off for home. Once you get home, you began selling everything you own, you sale your house, your furniture, your car, everything you have. Most everyone you know thinks you are crazy or insane. Yet, you just smile and think oh if they only knew. Once you have sold everything, given up all you have, you take the money and you go and buy the field that is full of gold, diamonds and more. Why? Because you know that field is worth far more than anything you had. You know the treasures you have found far outweigh the things you once treasured.

Jesus makes it clear that this hidden treasure is the Kingdom of God. He lets us know that it is worth it all. He is worth it all. Nothing we have or hold dear compares to the riches we have in Christ. Nothing He ever ask you to give up or endure begins to compare with His kingdom and living for Him.

So, as you get this picture in your mind, you began to understand why so many Christians around the world are willing to endure, they are willing to give up everything, to go to the ends of the earth and even to die for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Jesus is worth it! He’s worth whatever He ask of you and you don’t have to fear, for He knows better than you what you need and is fully able to bless you above what you could ever ask or imagine.

I’m sure there are many who think our family is crazy, they wonder at what we are thinking. Yet, we are convinced that Jesus is worth it all. If He wants us to wait and live with my family, He’s worth the wait. If He wants us to sell our possessions to raise money to go overseas, He’s worth it. If He wants us to move to Timbuktu, He’s worth it. Nothing we have compares and it’s our desire for all to understand this truth.

Now, before you think well, they do this because they are someone special. Let me be the first to tell  you we are not. We are no different from you, just ordinary people who serve and love an extraordinary God, who is worth it all!

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