A matter of perspective

It has just been one of those days. Days when my feelings and emotions have been greater than my faith and trust. Days when I have just wanted to crawl back in bed and forget all the problems. Days when I have questioned the Lord and not understood His ways. Easy to see, it hasn’t been the greatest of days.

During lunch break for home school, after getting the kids situated and fed, I went to spend some alone time with the Lord. And to be just plain honest, I sat and cried. I take comfort in the fact that David, Habakkuk and others too cried out to the Lord during hard times. So, as I sat and prayed the Lord brought some thoughts to mind. First I was reminded that regardless of how I feel and regardless of my circumstances He is worthy of my praise. As I began to think on Him and praise Him for who He is and His numerous blessings, though my feelings and troubles were still present,  they didn’t seem so bad.

Second the Lord brought to mind a verse from Psalms, that says, “Why are you downcast o my soul, put your hope in God (Ps. 42:5).” As I pondered this verse my fleshly response was, what hope, for right now our situation feels hopeless. Yet, the Lord was quick to rebuke such thoughts and remind me that because I know Him as my Lord and Savior I do have the greatest hope, the hope of salvation and eternal life. This past week the kids and I have been praying for the countries of South Asia, and the millions who do not know Jesus, some who have never heard. In the midst of my pity party feeling as if I have no hope, I was reminded that these are the ones and there are countless others who do not have any hope. Many of these live in difficult situations and face countless trials, yet when discouraged they don’t have God’s Word or prayer to turn to because they do not know Jesus. Then the Lord brought to mind those who have recently lost loved ones, ones whose children were killed in the school shooting. Those who have lost jobs and have no place to live, no idea of how to feed their families.

As these thoughts and truths filtered through my mind, I realized that truthfully I don’t have it so bad. Honesty, I am blessed. For the Lord in His infinite mercy has opened my eyes to His great salvation. He has saved me and called me. I am blessed. I have the ability to go to church and worship the Lord openly and without fear, I am blessed. I have God’s Word that I can read at anytime and anywhere, I am blessed. I have a godly husband who desires to serve the Lord, I am blessed. I have 3 beautiful children who are healthy, I am blessed. I have a wonderful, loving mom and dad who are more supportive than most, I am blessed. I have a roof over my head and food to eat, I am blessed.

I’m realizing that it’s really a matter of perspective. If I want to be discouraged and depressed, I can think on what I don’t have. I can gripe and complain, which is what the enemy wants. Or, I can think on what I do have and the great God I serve and can praise Him despite it all.

We are all blessed above and beyond, let’s use our mouths to praise and adore Him.


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