What do you crave??

If you are like me, when I think of a craving, I tend to think of chocolate or some food I want. You hear people all the time say things like I’m craving pizza, I’m craving a good steak, or chocolate. So I looked up the definition of this word. Webster defines the word crave to want something greatly, to yearn for something, to desire intensely.

In my Bible reading yesterday, I cam across this verse, “Like newborn babies, CRAVE pure spiritual milk, so that you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good.” I Peter 2:2-3 Now, I have read this verse countless times, but as usual as of late, the Lord has struck me with the deeper meaning. As I said I generally think of food when I think of the word crave. Like when I was pregnant with Andrew I would tell people I was craving sour foods. Yet, as I read this I was struck by what Peter is saying.

In the last few verses of chapter one Peter tells us of our great salvation and picks up in chapter 2 telling us because of this some things we should do. He says get rid of worldly things in verse one and “like newborn babes to crave pure spiritual milk.” When my three were babies, they indeed craved milk, when they were hungry, they let everyone know with their loud cries. You could try to rock them, pat them, soothe them, but this would not work, they would continue to cry until their craving was met. The only thing that would satisfy this longing was milk. Once they were satisfied, they would fall back to sleep content. Usually when we have a craving, we aren’t satisfied with an replacement, we want what we want and usually we want it right then. This is what I believe Peter is getting at. He is telling us that we should crave, want greatly, yearn for, desire intently pure spiritual milk.

So then what is this spiritual milk and why does it have to be pure?? I believe when the Bible mentions spiritual milk, it is referring to God’s Word. So Peter here is making a point by including the word pure. For many in that day were saying the Bible says this or it’s says that, there were many teaching false doctrines, a lot like today, so Peter says crave the truth, crave, long for God’s Word!  Then he tells us why we should do this, “so that we may grow up in our salvation.”

Like a baby grows up though and eventually wants real food, we are told in other scriptures that we are to be weaned from the milk and to desire the meat.  We can’t stay with just the milk, the basic principles of the Christian life, we are to go deeper and seek the hidden truths.

Yet, again I go back to this word CRAVE. As I read this I thought to myself, do I crave God’s Word? Do I long for it, do I yearn for and desire it, as well as the things of God? Or do my cravings look more like the worlds? Do I desire and long for other things? As with most if I’m honest it depends on the day and circumstance of my life. However, it is my prayer for myself and family that the Lord would create a craving in our hearts for Scripture, prayer and the things not of this world, but for the eternal.

In Psalms David says it this way, “As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, my God.  My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God (Ps. 42:1)?” This is my desire, that I would long for the Lord and the things of Him, that I would crave Him! How about you, what do you crave??



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