Therefore, since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God. 2 Cor. 7:1

I read this verse on Sunday and it struck a chord in me and I have been thinking on it all week. The word that sticks out is contaminate. What do you think of when you hear contaminate? You may laugh, but I think of raw chicken. When cutting up chicken you have to be careful or it can contaminate the rest of your food and then make all who eat such food, very sick. The word contaminate means to soil, stain, corrupt, or infect by contact or association. What a striking word! So I began to think about what Paul is meaning with this verse. He began by referring to the promises we have as Christians from God. We have the promise of eternal life, the gift of the Holy Spirit, the power of God to name a few. He goes on to say because we have such great promises that we should purify (To rid of impurities; cleanse) ourselves of EVERYTHING that stains, corrupts or makes unclean both our body and spirit! This is pretty strong when you think about it. So I began to think and ask myself and the Lord what things in my life are contaminating my body and spirit? It took no time for the Lord to begin revealing such things to me. Such as t.v., books,eating unhealthy junk, pride, selfishness, greed and the list could go on. I’ve come to find that when you really ask the Lord to reveal sin and to search your heart, He will do this so you got to be ready to deal with such things. Well as you can imagine I was quick to justify some of these things. I mean I don’t watch trashy stuff, I don’t read unclean books, I don’t eat a bunch of junk etc. Yet, the Lord began asking me, do the shows I watch, books I read etc. help me grow closer to Him? Do such things make me think about eternal things or worldly things. And if I was going to be truthful, I had to answer no. I think we all need to take inventory of our lives from time to time and examine our walks. the things that contaminate me will not be the same for everyone and if we are really seeking and asking Him, then He will show us these things.

I just finished reading the book Radical by David Platt and it shook my world. As I read this book and began to see this guy’s passion for the Lord I was blown away. Another book by Katie Davis, Kisses from Katie and Jennie Allen’s Anything, also made me realize my own walk with the Lord was not all it should be. So, I began to seek out why. You see, I am convinced that we can be as close to the Lord as we want. We can have as much of His power as we desire. The question is not is He willing, the question is what am I willing to do. To what lengths am I ready to go. See when you get serious about following the Lord, and began getting rid of things the Lord ask the stronger the intimacy is.

Here in this verse, Paul tells us to rid ourselves of all things that corrupt our body (the temple He has given us) and the Spirit. Why so that we can perfect(without defect or blemish) holiness out of our reverence (fear, respect) for God. Now if you are like me your thinking me be holy, I can’t do that. Yet that is what is awesome, your right you can’t but He can and He will. Yet it goes back to how far are you willing to go? How close do you want to be?

I will tell you it has been difficult to realize the amount of work needed, but you know what. I’m really tired of pretend, of half heartedness. I truly want to walk close to Him and though I know it won’t be easy, I’m willing to do what needs to be done. Why because I’m someone special? No way, because He is worthy and the passion I see in these others lives is contagious. I’m not willing to settle anymore, how about you? Join me on this journey would you? Let’s encourage each other as we strive to know Him more and to make Him known.


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