Standing Firm

Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. I Cor. 15:58

This has been a theme this past week for me. Over and over I have found such verses going through my mind as the Holy Spirit has spoke to my heart saying stand firm. I have found when life is good, this is easy, yet when the storms come and life get’s hard, standing  firm isn’t as easy. I began my search seeking to understand what does stand firm really mean? As I pondered this I was reminded of the story Jesus told about the wise and foolish builders(Ma. 7:24-27). One man  built his house on the sand. So, that when the storms came and the winds blew, his house came tumbling down. The other man built his house on the rock and no matter how strong the winds, nor how much rain fell, his house stood firm. I realized that when  we are told to stand firm Jesus is wanting our faith grounded in Him. I have found that if you have weak faith or no faith, you can be sure that when problems arise, you are going to question and doubt the goodness of God, you are going to worry and will be afraid. Yet, if one’s faith is strong and is placed completely upon Jesus, then no matter what happens, they can continue to stand firm, to believe, to trust because their faith is not in a circumstance, not in a job, a person etc. One whose faith is in the Lord can stand firm no matter what happens because they continue to trust, continue to serve, continue to wait on and believe in Him.

For some of us storms show us the condition of our faith. For some of us, storms reveal to us that our faith isn’t as strong as we had thought. For some, the Lord uses the storms and allows them because  He wants to grow us through them. Storms are most often considered tragic, but we must never forget that God can and will bring good out of storms if we trust Him (Rom 8:28).

Since being back from Korea, once again being placed in a place of unknown. Once again having to wait on and trust the Lord concerning the future, I’ve come to realize my faith still needs work. See, it’s easy to say I trust God, easy to say He’s in control, yet in the midst of the trials, it is also easy to give into the lies of the enemy. Easy to doubt and become afraid. Yet, the desire of my heart is to be a woman of God who stands firm. Who trust God no matter what. Who doesn’t worry about tomorrow but trust the Lord has it all worked out. A woman who seeks God and prays when faced with trials, not giving into anxiety or fear. A woman who not only says God is in control but a woman who truly believes this even when she can’t see God at work or understands what He is doing. A woman not controlled by feelings but instead who is controlled by the Lord.

Standing firm takes work, it takes prayer and discipline to reject the lies and to stand on the truth. It takes the strength and help of the Lord. If you are like me, your faith has room to grow. How about joining me on this journey. I’d love to hear your story and ways that help you to stand firm in the Lord.

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