Walking in the dark


We live by faith, not by sight. 2 Corinthians 5:7

Have you ever tried to walk across the room in complete darkness? If you are like me you have a general idea of where you are headed and you hold out your arms in front and start walking. Usually by the time you get where you are going, you have a few more bruises and have stepped on a toy or two, but you make it.

Since returning from Korea this is what my spiritual walk has been like. Lord what do you want, what do you have for our family, where would you have us go etc. At first as usual I tried to figure it out but now it seems the Lord has truly brought me to a place that says God I don’t want what I want, I want your best for our family. N0w, as I wait on the Lord to reveal this I’m finding its a lot like walking in the dark. And that walking in the dark is a lot like walking by faith. You can’t base it on what you see or what you feel, but it must be based upon the One your faith is in. Walking by faith requires complete trust in the Lord. If I allow my understanding or feelings to guide me I’m going to end up with many bruises, but if I allow the Lord to lead, I walk step by step with Him.

Yet, just as walking in the dark isn’t easy neither is walking by faith. So many days lately I have wanted to quit, because it’s hard to just wait and trust when I can’t see what God is doing or what He wants, yet if I lose heart and give up hope the enemy has won. My faith is shattered and testimony lost. After speaking to a friend the other day and through study of God’s Word, it seems the Lord is teaching me what endurance means. That even when I want to quit, I must keep walking and trusting Him. Even when it seems God is not at work and I can’t see what He is doing, that I must believe He is. No, walking by faith isn’t easy because it goes against my natural flesh that wants to see, wants the answers now and wants to be in control. Yet, isn’t this the opposite of what God desires. His desire is that I take hold of His hand, that I allow Him to lead, and allow Him full control. As I do this I daily walk not by sight but by faith trusting my Abba Father to lead me in the perfect path He has.

Dark is the holiest ground, the glory passing by. In the blackest, God is closest, at work, forging His perfect and right will. -Ann Voskamp



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