putting your money where your mouth is…………

I have always heard that having children will change your life. Now after 11 year of marriage and 3 children later, I completely agree. No longer can you do as you please, you have your kids needs to consider. If you’re not careful with what you watch or what you say, beware, for your child will most likely repeat you. Life in general as you know it changes the moment that child is born.

Today as my kids and I went out to get our bikes to ride to the park, we found out that someone had stolen one of our bikes, and not just any bike, but the bike that has Lauren’s child seat on the back. Well, as you can imagine, I was not happy. All the way upstairs I was fuming inside and my frustration was seeping out onto my kids by the time we got inside. As I ranted about how I just couldn’t believe someone had stolen our bike, my oldest Andrew made a statement that stopped me in my track. He said, “and we’re suppose to love them and pray for them?”

See, just yesterday the kids and I were doing our Bible study and we talked about love and how God doesn’t just expect us to love those who do good to us, but also our enemies and we are to pray for those who hurt us. So, when Andrew asked that simple question, it was as if God spoke to me and said, do you really believe what you taught them?

With kids, you can tell them something 100 times and they can forget every time, but actions prove that we believe what we say. As I thought over what we had talked about the day before, I was convicted that I had not stopped to think about this truth. I told the kids that Andrew was right. What had happened was not right, what this person did was wrong, but getting angry with them would not solve anything, that instead we needed to pray for this person, because they most likely didn’t know Jesus. So we all bowed our heads and prayed. Afterwards, Andrew looked up and smiled and I knew this would be something that would stick in his heart and mind forever.

Out of the mouths of babes right. Wow, a lesson I will not soon forget as well. If I am going to teach my kids something, I  sure better be ready to live it out. And in light of eternity, what’s a bike, it can be replaced, but these teachable moments can not. Yes, having children will change your life, but the lesson you learn from your children are priceless.


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