I have never liked saying goodbye. It is one of the hardest things to do. Before we left the US to come to Korea, I thought my heart would break into as we told my parents goodbye at the airport. Yet, since being in Korea, saying goodbye has become a common thing. People come and people go in this vibrant city of Busan. Each semester as we have opened our home for college Bible study, we have seen many different faces. In the four semesters we have been here, many have graduated and left to go home, others who have come as exchange students have returned to their country. I must say, it doesn’t get any easier to say goodbye, but I have come to a great conclusion.

Though we may say goodbye, one day we will all see each other again if not on this earth, in the one that is to come. What a joyful day it will be when we are all gathered around the throne of God, worshiping at His feet.

In the book of Acts we read about how the church was scattered and how the people were dispersed throughout the world. Yet, because of this, God did amazing things. The Gospel spread throughout. Would it have been easier had they all stayed together in their comfortable spot. Sure! Yet, what great things would they have missed out on had this occurred.

It would be nice to keep all my friends here and continue to meet and fellowship with them week after week. Yet, I know the Lord has better things in store. He has allowed us the chance to invest  in each others lives and now they go forth to invest in the lives of others. There’s a ripple effect.

How thankful I am for the many people the Lord has allowed us to know and share with in Korea and how excited I am to see how He will now use these for His glory and honor.

Goodbye is never easy, yet as with all things, God can and will use it for His good!


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