From Scratch

When we lived in the States, I NEVER baked from scratch. Why bother when you can get cookie dough, frozen rolls, and tortillas at Walmart. However since we have been in Korea, I have had to branch out. Today I have spent an entire day making and freezing rolls, tortillas and cookies. It has been time consuming and messy, but at the end of the day, we will be set on these for the next week or two. Not only that, but to be honest things just taste better when made from scratch. As I was baking, the Lord brought to mind the concept of prayer. Most of the time, when I pray I want an instant answer. I offer up a quick, simple prayer and expect that to be enough. Yet, as I look at what the Scriptures say concerning prayer, I realize this is just not the case. “One day Jesus told his disciples a story to show that they should always pray and never give up. (Luke 18:1)  How often do I pray for something, only to give up? How much time do I spend on my knees in the throne room of grace? When it seems God doesn’t answer, how often do I become anxious and seek to take matters into my own hands. The answer to these questions are quite convicting. For you see baking from scratch is time consuming, it is messy and not always fun. However, the results are usually worth it. The same is true in prayer, persistent prayer does take extra time, it can be discouraging and to be quite honest, it isn’t always fun. Yet, with prayer the results are ALWAYS worth it. Not only that, but the Lords answer is always better than anything we can dream up on our own! Take the time to pray and be persistent, you won’t be disappointed!


2 thoughts on “From Scratch

  1. Good to see you got one going. You may find that this is easier to do and refer back to. I’m not a member of wordpress so I’ll just have to see how this comment posts. Enjoy the cookies – Ben is becoming quite the cookie maker around here.

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