Times of Testing

God came to Abraham and promised He would have a son. Years passed until He and Sarai were extremely old, then an angel came to them telling them that a year from then, they would have a son. This was definetly a shock, for I’m sure they had about given up hope. A year passes and Issac is born, bringing much laughter to their home. Yet, before long the Lord ask something of Abraham that made no sence. The Bible says, “and the Lord tested Abraham…” the Lord told him to take his son and offer him as a sacrifice.  Though it must have been the longest night of his life, the next morning he, Issac and his servants rode off to the mountains to make their sacrifice. Even when he and Issac separated from the servants, Abraham believed they would both be back. His faith that God would provide never waivered, even when he had strapped his son to the rock and raised his hand to slay him. When the Lord saw Abraham’s faith and that he would not withhold his son, He provided the ram. Abraham passed this test with flying colors.  I wish such times of testing could prove as good for me. It seems when tested, I fail miserably. I fail to trust, I fail to believe, I just fail. Yet, I was reminded through a sermon I heard recently that God knows I’m going to fail, does he want me to fail, no, but He is pleased with each small step of faith I take. When a baby learns to walk, we clap and cheer as they take two steps and then fall down. We don’t scold them or yell at them for falling, we praise them for the two small steps. The same is true with God, He is pleased when I take even two small steps and He is there to pick me up when I fall. How thankful I am that I serve a God who is always faithful and true!


2 thoughts on “Times of Testing

  1. Thank you dear friend for a heart softened to the Lord. He is and will continue using you for His honor and glory and I was so encouraged that the Lord is rejoicing over the few steps of obedience taken and not yelling at me or scolding me for the fall. Continue on your journey with Joy as you stay in His presence. Psalm 16:11
    Love, Tiffany

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