What a DifferenceYou’ve Made in My Life

Only God could form a bond of friendship in Korea b/w a Canadian gal and a Southern gal. Yet, that is exactly what He has done. About 4 months ago, as I was getting ready to leave church, I noticed a family who looked a bit lost. Knowing how they felt having experienced it myself, I introduced myself and asked about them. I went on to invite Sherry Lynne to the ladies Bible study, followed by having their family in our home for dinner the following Friday. This began the bonds of a friendship which I know neither distance nor time can unravel. Coming  from a radically different background, different denomination, yet a passionate love for the Lord and His Word. The Lord blessed us with a wonderful friendship. Whether or not they realized the impact they have made upon our family is unknown. However, they have indeed impacted our lives. With their unwaivering faith, passionate love for Jesus and immense prayer life. I know the Lord brought our families together for a purpose and though they will be leaving Korea soon to return to Canada, the difference they have made in our lives will not be forgotten.

Another person who has made a huge difference in my life is a man named Lloyd. Lloyd is from the Phillipines, yet has been here in Korea for 4 years working to send money back to his family. This is a young man who I have never seen not smiling, a man I’ve never seen not giving his all. His love for the Lord and His passion to serve Him, has made me realize how much I take for granted. How quick I am to complain and grumble, yet Lloyd who has been separated from his wife and child all this time, except for short visits, has served the Lord with His all, and always with a smile of joy upon his face. His love and joy are contatious to all who come in contact with him. I will never forget Mr. Lloyd and pray God will continue to use Him greatly now that He is back home with his family!


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