The Call

After a year and 3 months living in Busan, Korea. I have come to realize that one of the only reasons we are still here, is because of God’s call on our lives. If we had just come on our own and thought oh hey lets go live in Korea for a little while, after a few months, I have a feeling we would have left and returned home. Yet, because of God’s call, because He said “Go,” we have come and we have remained. The call is ever important for a missionary. Not everyone is called to go live on the other side of the world, away from family and friends. These are no better than those back home faithfully serving, but their call is different and unique. Were it not for God’s call, I’d happily catch a flight back to the US so I could be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. Yet, God’s call has remained and we have not been released to return home for such a time as this. For now He has us in Busan, Korea, teaching and training others in His Word. We may not see a vast amount of peoples getting saved, we may not always even understand why we are here. Yet, it is not for us to figure out, it is not for us to question God’s will or His Call. It is only for us to listen and obey!