A Trip to the Philippines

This past week our family along with about 17 others from the church took a mission trip to the Philippines to work at an orphanage and do a VBS with the kids in the area. It was a real blessing to be a part of. After being in Korea for a year where life is very fast paced, it was nice to go to an area where things are a bit more laid back. Also the peoples speak English in the Philippines and it was a huge treat to be understood and to understand others here. We saw poverty like never before as we had opportunity to go on food runs to the destitute areas to pass out food. For some this was their only meal for the day and was eye opening to us to realize how blessed we truly are and to understand how so many others around the world live. The peoples here too are hungry for the Word of God. In the US and Korea, people have their need and most wants met. Because of this, they do not see their need for the Lord, yet in the Philippines, most have little to nothing and for this reason they cling to the Lord in a whole new way. The needs of this land are great and we were blessed to have an opportunity to serve here ever so briefly.