A Disciple of Christ

The past few weeks have been rough. Eric was recently informed that he would have to teach an Intensive English Class for one month of his summer break. Our plans had been for him to finish his dissertation this summer so that he might be able to graduate next May. However, the Lord apparently had other ideas.  This class last for one month and is for six hours each day of the week. It has proven to be very time consuming and thus he is not able to spend much time at home. With it being summer the kids and I are taking a break from school and are pretty much stuck inside as the monsoon season has begun and most days are filled with rain. Being stuck inside with three children has not been easy or fun and I have desperately wanted to just leave this place and go home. As I have pondered this recently and prayed for God’s grace and strength I have been reminded of the cost of being a disciple of Jesus. The Lord never said it would be easy to follow Him, He did not say it would always be fun. What He did say was, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me (Luke 9:23).” Following Jesus means sacrifice, it means doing things that you don’t necessarily like, it means there are definitely going to be days when you just want to give up and quit, but that is part of the daily cross we must bear. The cross that says, despite how hard it gets, despite how much it hurts, I will follow Jesus and know that in the end it will be worth it all! For me, remaining in a foreign land where I am lonely and tired of many things is the cross I must bear for this time. Therefore, I must deny myself, deny the fact that I want to quit, that I want to leave and take up my cross and carry on. I must do this every day afresh and anew so that the enemy has no foot hole to weigh down my heart or weary my soul.