A Visit from Family

How wonderful it was to be able to have my mom and dad come to Korea and spend two weeks together. Though the first few days I walked them near to death, we did have a marvelous time. It was just a wonderful thing to be together again and it didn’t matter if we were out sightseeing or just sitting around the apartment, being together was most important. It was also during this time that the Lord brought us to a decision about whether we would leave Korea or stay a second year. During their visit, three different professors approached Eric telling him how much they wanted him to remain here for a second year to teach. Now this coming from two other theology professors who don’t exactly see eye to eye with Eric on the Scriptures was huge. For there have even been times when he has taught against what these have previously taught because of their more liberal approach to God’s Word. Yet, all in one day these three approached Eric and we were faced with the need to decide. I must admit we felt torn into. For a large part of us wanted to just go home, back to normal and yet we knew we really had no job to go back to. The other part of us felt the tug to remain in Korea not feeling that God was done with us yet. So as these two sides battled it out in our minds and as we sought the Lord and were able to discuss this with my parents, we finally came to realize that God wasn’t done with us here yet. He had not released us to go back home and that He would have us to stay a second year. It was not an easy decision and yet having my parents here to discuss these things with and the work the Lord had already done in their hearts to give them acceptance made it more bearable. How thankful I am for the Lord’s perfect time!

Kids For Christ

When I began seminary years ago, I began with the intention of getting my Masters in Missiology .  Basically to train to be a missionary.  At this time, the degree required two years of classes followed by two years experience on the field. It was also during my final days of classes that I met Eric and we began to date. As the Lord led us to the decision to marry, we realized we did not feel led to go to Suriname where the missiology students were to go. We had our hearts set on China not the Amazon Rain Forrest. Therefore, I met with professors and we discussed the best thing for me to do. For if I did not go with the team, I would not receive a degree.  I was advised to change my major and get my Master’s in Christian Education. At the time it was very frustrating for I did not understand why I now had to take an entire semester more of education classes in order to graduate. Yet, I took the classes and received my degree. Over the years, the Lord certainly put into use my degree as I served as children’s director at the churches we pastored, but this past spring the Lord opened my eyes to the reality of why I had to take the missions and education classes. For about two months ago I was asked to be the director of the children’s ministry at the church we are attending. It was as if the Lord was saying, see “all things do work together for good (Romans 8:28).” I was blown away as I came to realize he had called us to the mission field that I might be director of Kids for Christ. Now each week, I have the opportunity to teach these children from all over the world about Jesus.