Our First Christmas in Korea

There are now only nine days until Christmas. Praise the Lord for His grace, as He has indeed seen us through this time and encouraged our hearts. Yet, it hasn’t been easy. Here in Korea, many do not even celebrate Christmas, it is just another day for them.  There are some decorations, but not anything like back home. This has depressed me and not until a week or so ago, we did not even have a tree. Talk about gloom and doom, I was so sad. Yet, through this, the Lord has reminded me what the reason for the season is, Jesus. Christmas is not about presents, trees, lights or decorations, Christmas is about Him!! As the Lord opened my eyes to this perspective, He then opened the floodgates of Heaven and blessed our socks off. We were given a Christmas tree and not some little tree like most Koreans have that is only 4 ft. tall. A 7ft tree along with some decorations.  We have received packages from family back home and cards as well. Though Christmas will not be like it traditionally has been. I do believe it will be a blessed time. For I am reminded that it is not about us, it is truly all about HIM!!