Seeing through God’s eyes

When we first heard about the opportunity to go to Korea, all I could think about was how God could use us to tell the peoples of Korea about Jesus. I came with an attitude of here I am Lord, use me to change Korea for your glory. Now, I don’t think this was poor thinking or that the Lord was not pleased with my desire for Him to use our family to serve Him in Korea. Yet, what I have learned is that though I once believed God would use us to change Korea, now I am realizing that He will also use Korea to change us. Do I think the Lord can and will use us here to lead peoples to know Him and to disciple others? Yes, of course I do. However, I also know the Lord is going to use Korea to mold us to be more like Christ. Isn’t this the purpose in all that He allows and brings about in our lives? I am sure it is, whether it is good things, trials, or life on the mission field, He will use each to shape us into the image of His Son. So, though life here in Korea is nothing like life back home, and though things take longer to do and many of the things I am use to are gone. I can rejoice in the fact that when our time here is through, I will have grown closer to Him and will have become a little more sanctified. Praise the Lord!

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