Embracing the Unknown

Have you ever experienced an overwhelming desire to do something that makes no sense? A longing so intense that is overcomes all reasoning, vetoes out the questions and replaces the uncertainties? This would be the best way to describe our family’s desire to move to and serve the Lord in Korea. The longing to go, being so strong that the questions, concerns and even the desire to stay are overcome with the call to go.

I think it must be a lot like sky diving. I have never been, nor do I have a desire to go. Yet this illustrates what I believe the Lord has asked of us.  When you go skydiving you get on the plane and soar thousands of miles high, in order to jump out and float toward the earth with the parachute. Yet, the one skydiving must have a lot of faith in their parachute, trusting that it will open when they pull on the cord. As we set out toward Korea, this is an excellent picture of what the Lord has called us to do.  He has told us to go despite the questions, concerns and uncertainties. To step out in faith, believing that He will be there to catch us, to save us, and to work out all the details. Yet, we must trust Him enough to step out in faith and say yes Lord.The skydiver would miss out on the thrill of his life were he not to jump. Likewise, we do not want to miss out on the great adventure the Lord has prepared for us.

So as we get ready even now to get on the plane and fly around the world to Korea. We do this not because we are anyone special, not because the Lord has need of us and not because we have it all figured out. We go because the Lord has called us. We go because we know we can jump out in faith and that the Lord will be there to catch us. We go because “for such a time as this,” the Lord has opened a door for us so that He might use us for His glory. Therefore, it is our honor and privilege to serve our King.