Reckless Faith

I read a book written by Beth Guckenberger entitled Reckless Faith. In this story she describes the faith it took for her and her husband to open up and minister unto countless orphans in Mexico. There were numerous times when they would not know how things could get any worse, when they would be at the end of their rope and the Lord would step in and save the day. Through this, the Lord taught them what reckless faith truly is.  She states, “Reckless faith isn’t fake. It doesn’t pretend. It feels deeply and lives fully. It ask questions and cries out. It tests boundaries and has dynamic conversations with God. It molds its understanding as it encounters new situations. God has a plan is a mantra for a way of life that says you don’t have to have all the answers to proceed. You can throw yourself toward the Red Sea and believe if it parts, praise God, You knew it would.”

He calls us all to such a faith.  A faith that has to see is not faith at all.  A faith that has not the answers, knows not the details, does not understand, yet trust and believes upon the Lord is a reckless faith. He is faithful ,we can trust Him. No matter how dark the night, how little we understand,we can trust Him, believe upon Him, throw ourselves on His mercy and watch in amazement as He parts the sea, levels the mountains and does the impossible!

Who Am I??

I am Mandy, the wife of  Eric whom I met in Seminary years ago. How else would a Southern gal like me marry a northerner like him. After ten years of marriage we are still learning all about one another and enjoy serving the Lord together.

I am also the mom of three precious children, Andrew, Landon and Lauren. They keep me hopping but I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

I am a teacher, for the past 4 years I have home schooled our  two boys. This next year I will add Lauren to the mix. I must say it has it’s positive aspects as well as negative, but am thankful for the ability to teach and train them in the Word of God.

I am a servant of my King. I have been a pastor’s wife and missionary and seek to make disciples of Christ wherever the Lord leads us. I am also a student of the Word, seeking to learn deeper truths of the Scriptures and then to teach them to others. You will find as you read this blog, whatever I am sharing with you, is what the Lord is teaching me presently. I am completely human and make countless mistakes each day and am so thankful for the grace of God. I have a heart for missions and the world. I hope you will join me on this adventure of life as we seek to know the Lord more and to make disciples for His glory.

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